Splatoon 2 Receives New amiibo Figures

We got a lot of fun news during the latest Nintendo Direct, especially when it came to amiibo. Splatoon 2 will already receive three new amiibo figures on launch date to coincide with the game. Inkling Girl sports a new hair style and wields the Splat Dualies which is also new to the game. Inkling Boy has a fancy style as well and is posed with the upgraded Splattershot. Another squid amiibo will also be made available, this time in purple and in a slightly different position.

These amiibo will allow you to save gear settings. It remembers your outfit which means there is no more fuss having to cycle through the menu trying to find that perfect wardrobe. It has not been announced yet if all three amiibo will be sold in the same package or separately yet but both options have been made available in the past. View the video below for a bit more visual clues and spot some neat new clothing items before the game releases alongside the amiibo on July 21.