Bandai Namco’s Teases New Project with the Hashtag “Prepare to Dine”

Bandai Namco has released a teaser trailer for a new project dubbed “Prepare to Dine”, no not die, though from the initial impressions of the trailer it is safe to bet that there will be a lot of dying involved in the game. The graphic novel art style in the trailer may not be indicative of the final game, and might just be showing off what to expect. Whether it is vampires, demons, or possibly both, is unclear – but there’s a woman at the end standing off against a massive beast, with what looks to be a rifle with a bayonet of some sort.

The animated trailer shows off a wide variety of images, a woman (possible protagonist?), licking blood off her chin, a figure walking with a bright-red feathered cloak heading towards what appears to be a chapel seem like they’d fit in Bloodborne’s Victorian aesthetic, but there’s one image that makes it questionable: there’s a shot of a dumpster, which might mean it is set in modern times, or some post-apocalyptic future. Bandai Namco is usually tight-lipped about new projects, so it’s something to keep an eye on.

As fans of the Souls series are aware, Miyazaki has made it clear that the Souls titles are finished, and there is no mention of From Software anywhere on the Bandai Namco website relating to the project. Platforms are also not mentioned anywhere, except an announcement date of April 20. The trailer ends with the Twitter hashtag #preparetodine, which is a subtle touch, and might even be a nudge hinting at the type of game that players can look forward to.