India’s First VR Game Launches on Steam

Zabuza Labs have today announced that it has launched a new game, Solaright, a unique zen-like VR game for Vive on Steam.

The aim of the game is to light up a tree from a solar power source by solving a series of jigsaw puzzles from 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 cubes. The VR controller allows the player to rotate the cube around and lets you see the puzzle from multiple different viewpoints. The developers have said the key to solving the puzzles is to have “laser-like focus”.

Solaright takes place in a calm and peaceful environment, so it sets the right mood when trying to solve these thirty challenging puzzles.

This is India’s first VR title for PC and Vive, and hopefully it opens the gates for developers from the country to join them in the market, as well.

Solaright is available on Steam starting today.