Shu Gets Free DLC and a Vita Release Date

Shu was arguably one of last year’s hidden gems, a 2.5-dimensional platformer from developers Coatsink about our titular character’s journey to stop the evil Storm that wrecked their village. And now a pair of recent developments will hopefully allow it to gain a bit more attention, as the game will receive a free DLC update today known as Caverns of the Nightjars, in addition to the announcement that Shu will see a release for the Vita on May 23.

The free DLC will include three new levels and new character combinations to play as, and that won’t be the end, as more free DLC will follow on May 23 in addition to the release of the Vita version as well. While Caverns of the Nightjars in only available on Steam right now, it will head to the PS4 and Vita along with the next DLC in May as well. In addition, the Vita version will have an exclusive trophy area, The Refuge. But until then, allow the new screenshots below to give you a sneak peek of things.