Star Citizen Shows Off more Development and New Capital Ship Javelin

Star Citizen is definitely up there for most ambitious Sci-fi game in the works. Developer Foundry Studios proves that more and more with, Star Citizen: Around the Verse. A chance for backers of the game, as well as those who might be unfamiliar, get a chance to see the development in action.

In the latest Around the Verse, Foundry shows off some key design elements for any game, and how they are improving upon them for Star Citizen. Space looks mighty gorgeous, besides just about everything in this game. Showing off a range of things from player physics to tightening up lighting and sound design. Of course, the weapons are pretty eye-catching. See the Gemini Ballistic shotgun and new ship designed weapon Preacher at 6:50 — slick, is the word that comes to mind.

While all the above is well and good, the Javelin takes the cake for this video. Being the biggest ship shown off so far, and looking to bring something interesting to single player campaign, Squadron 42. Seeing as half of it is dedicated to the Javelin starting at 12:18 in the video. The most important thing being that the design team learned a few things from their last big ship the frigate class Idris. Foundry was able to recycle a lot of what they got from the Idris applying it to the Javelin. What’s even better is that the Javelin feels completely different from the Idris even though it’s using many of the same parts. This is in part fact to a 60/40 split Foundry designed the Javelin upon.

Star Citizen might still be in Alpha but it’s looking great every step of the way. Foundry sure does seem to want to deliver the most immersive space-sim ever. It’s certainly shaping up that way as they move towards the Star Citizen 3.0 update. No release date for the update has been announced, but it’s sure to make Star Citizen come to life even more. See the full video below: