Fly Clean or Leave a Crater in Hyperburner

The miracle of flight is an incredible thing.  Taking to clear skies while reveling in the freedom of the open air as the glory of creation extends in every direction forever is a sensation with no equal.  It’s not anything that appears in Hyperburner, though, because this is a game about flying through increasingly dangerous passages cluttered with debris and moving pieces while your speed slowly increases.  It’s been out on mobile for a while (and is free on iOS until April 20) but until today there was no PC version available.  This shortcoming has been addressed with an release, and while the initial build that came out today is a bit rough around the edges it’s also a stylish endless-runner type of game that requires pinpoint control to get very far.

Hyperburner is one of those simple little games that does one thing very well, providing a nice break for an overworked brain that just wants to face a challenge without any real complexity.  Fly, steer, don’t hit things, enjoy the constant change-up in variety of obstacles, smash into a wall, restart instantly.  The starting mode of Hyperburner sees you flying through thirty hand-crafted levels, each with a beginning and end, but once a level is cleared you choose to play it on endless.  Endless is the heart of the game, with the progression mode being more to introduce you to each level before you try to take a high score in it.  It’s very easy to get drawn into a self-administered scoring challenge, especially seeing as dying in the higher levels can happen fairly quickly, and it’s hard to resist the x2 bonus for playing the level at a faster speed.

The trailer below is from the iOS build, as are a number of menu prompts in-game.  Hyperburner still needs a bit of polish but it’s not a bad way at all to chase a high score, perfecting the subtle movements necessary to race through thin openings that have just enough room for a crazed racer to squeeze on past while flying at top speed.