NA LCS Coach and Rookie of the Split

With the playoffs come the awards and C9 rule today’s taking home both honors. It’s no wonder C9 took home both awards when they had one of the most impressive splits going five weeks undefeated. Doing that usually leads to an award for the coach, but doing that with a rookie on your roster that played a big part in it? That’s just a great way to double up on them.

Hangyu “Reapered” Bok¬†has done some great things with the team since he took over in May of last year. Closing in on his first year with the organization I think everyone can say it’s been a success so far. This is his first season with the squad after getting some time to gel with them during the offseason and he’s obviously made an impact. If they can come away with a win this weekend he’s done a great job setting them up for Worlds come the end of this year.

Finishing behind him was Sangcheol “Fly” Kim of P1 and Parth “Parth” Naidu of TSM. You can see the full coaches voting ballot here.

Taking home the rookie of the split honors is Juan “Contractz” Garcia, the jungler for Cloud9. This may have been his first LCS split, but Contractz is no stranger to the C9 organization. He was part of the challenger team that dominated the CS tournament and earned FlyQuest a spot. After that he was rewarded with the starting position over former jungler Meteos and has been terrific on the rift. Contractz is a huge reason why C9 has found so much success this split. He’s been a consistent carry alongside Jensen and has set his team up early for winning lanes.

Sticking to carry junglers Contractz has found the most success on Kha’Zix with a 11-2 record on the champ, and if teams decide to ban him he can pick up either Lee Sin or Rengar who he is 6-3/6-2 on respectively. He’s no slouch and if you’re that good on the best team you deserve to take home something as a reward.

Also in the running for rookie of the split was Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham who jungles for Echo Fox, and Cody “Cody Sun” Sun who ADCs for ¬†Immortals. You can see the full voting ballot here.

Both Reapered and Contractz will be hoping to cement a great split with a win today and next weekend as playoffs just begin for them.