NA LCS Semifinals: Cloud9 vs Phoenix1

Today is the start of the semifinals and one of the funnier storylines from the season comes to it’s dramatic climax. Will Dark Meteos strike down his team to make it to the finals, or will Sneaky and friends fight through the adversity and win?

Cloud9 has spent the majority of this split as the team to beat. They beat every team that was projected to be alongside them at the top and stayed undefeated for the first five weeks of the split, but then the rematches happened and Dark Meteos came to be. They lost both games in week 5 and that would be the last time they wouldn’t find a win in a week. The lucky teams were Team SoloMid and Phoenix1. After that they only lost two more matches to finish the split at 14-4 and in second place.

They found this success mainly from Jensen being a God, but also from their ability to stick to the idea that they can win a game no matter the deficit. It’s the same mentality that FlyQuest is praised for in that these teams know that the game is long and there are a lot of ways to erase a gold lead. Cloud9 always finds a way to win a team fight they were losing and swing the lead in a matter of seconds. This is what makes them so dangerous, because you haven’t won until you’ve taken the Nexus. If you think you have before that you’ll likely fall into one of their traps and it’s all over for you from there.

Phoenix1 looked very good last week and stuck with Inori and Stunt in all three games. After winning while being down in the first game they won the next two right under 40 minutes in pretty good fashion. Zig played great in the top lane going toe-to-toe with Ssumday, Inori played well even pulling out a redemption Ivern game in game 2, and their team fights were great with a big Ori ult sealing it for them in game 3.

With the success they had last week they’ll likely go with the same lineup at least for game one. The big matchups here will be jungle and top and who can protect their lane better. C9 are a great team, but they’ve had their toughest games when the other team camps their top lane. That’s a huge portion of C9’s fighting ability gone when Impact or Ray need time to farm back up to be a factor. Also if Inori isn’t having a good go of things it’ll continue throughout the game and they may need to make a change to bring in Dark Lord Meteos if he isn’t starting already.

Whatever they do it’ll be sure to be a good series. They split during the regular season with C9 getting the better of them at the end of things. I’m taking C9 3-2 over P1.

  • Cloud9 vs Phoenix1 (3-2)