Scarra Breaks Down League of Legends Mid-Season 2017

Every mid-season Riot makes some nice changes to the game to freshen things up a bit and it can get a little confusing until you see it in action. This season it’s the same with quite a few changes taking place, but have no fear Scarra has broken things down.

This mid-season Riot is taking aim at Rift Herald, Tanks, Durability items, and Team Contributions. A lot of things are changing with every section so it’s nice to get another person’s perspective on said changes. Rift Herald is becoming an item and split push tool, tanks are getting pretty big spell reworks, and supports are feeling the love.

Personally I’m probably banning Sej until I figure out what is going on in a normal match and Rift Herald will definitely need some fine tuning, but the changes are welcome. Check out the video below of Scarra going through everything and you can follow along or just check it out yourself here.