Star Citizen 3.0 Introduces Seamless Transition Between Planets and Space

Star Citizen has quite a ways to go but for now Cloud Imperium Games stopped by to map out the road ahead for all its fans with a newsletter and lengthy video. Both work together to explain how the game will enter 3.0 and beyond.

Star Citizen 3.0 will finally give players the ability to land seamlessly from space to planet and back again. No loading zones shall separate you from that distant planet. Hop in your spaceship and traverse the universe in a way that’s truly pushing the limits. The video details how each one of the many building blocks of Star Citizen gets planned out and implemented.

Star Citizen is a crowdfunded spacefaring game with advanced physics and seamless transitions. Star Citizen 3.0 tentatively plans to launch for PC on June 29, 2017. Below you’ll find the in-depth development video as well as the roadmap through 3.0.