NA LCS Semifinals: Team SoloMid vs FlyQuest

This matchup, despite it being FlyQuest’s first split, is a classic matchup. It has all the makings of the old C9 vs TSM rivalry and they’ve had some good matches this split to boot. This won’t be the matches of old, but should still provide some good entertainment nonetheless.

With all the attention on Cloud9 it feels like Team SoloMid just coasted through the split. They took home the number one spot, but not much was said about them along the way other than Hauntzer rising up to be a great top laner. With the void Doublelift left in their shotcalling and carry areas Hauntzer seems to be the guy to fill those shoes alongside Bjergsen. They lost three matches all split and two of them are real interesting. The first was the first match of the split and to C9, which is normal as they go back and forth in great matches. The other two teams are Echo Fox and Team Liquid.

Losing to Echo Fox and TL didn’t hurt them in any way, but their just lapses by the team that are pretty interesting. For the TL loss we can say it was Doublelift just knowing what to do against his old team, but Echo Fox is really odd as their team struggled incredibly hard this split. Regardless they lost those matches and still secured the first seed, but if they play like they did in those this could be a bad day.

It’ll take a lot for TSM to lose because FlyQuest has been struggling as of late, but it’s entirely possible. Last week FlyQuest went to five games against CLG in some close matches and completed the reverse sweep.

That’s sort of FlyQuest’s edge in this matchup is that they can find ways to come back from the toughest of situations. Now CLG isn’t close to TSM, but it doesn’t change that they can make some mistakes leading to openings for the underdogs.

Now it’s just part of Fly’s DNA to pull something out that doesn’t really make sense so expect that to happen here as well. Last week it was Kennen ADC which isn’t too crazy, but they aren’t Fnatic. Regardless of what they use I’m going with TSM 3-1 over FlyQuest.

  • TSM vs FlyQuest (3-1)