AMD Releases 500-Series Video Cards

This has been a big year for AMD. With Ryzen processors and motherboards releasing a few months ago, the Vega chipsets are still on the way. In the meantime, AMD has released an upgrade to its most recent video card line. The 500 series comes in four different versions: RX 550, 560, 570 and 580. AMD is touting these new line of cards as “refined”. They do not blow away the previous line of cards, and only seem to offer a bump in performance for what is ultimately the same architecture from the 400 series. For instance, the RX 480 had a boost clock speed of 1,266 MHz, while the new RX 580 1,340 MHz.

Many of the factory overclocked RX 480 video cards already match the RX 580 clock speeds. Thankfully, the new card can be purchased for less, so it is still an affordable option. These cards will be even more competitive towards the NVidia GTX 1060. The RX 580 8GB will retail for $230, while the 4GB will retail for $200. Maybe this will cause a good price drop on the RX 400 series.

AMD is stating that these cards on a two year cycle. If you have an older card such as a R9 380X, the RX 580 will offer a 57% increase in performance. This card should easily push games to 60 FPS in 1440p resolution. The RX 570 is aimed at 60 FPS for games in 1080p resolution. Meanwhile, the RX 560 is aimed at e-sports players and these cards can be had for around $100. Lastly, the RX 550 is meant to be an upgrade for people with integrated graphics. These video cards are available now from different manufacturers.