Welcome to Talos I, Prey’s Gorgeous Space Station

In a new video posted to the Bethesda YouTube channel on Wednesday, the developers behind the upcoming Prey give a closer look at the game’s futuristic space station, Talos I.

We get a guided tour of Talos I, as the title of the video would suggest, where a few of the lead people working on the project give us some more details about how it all works. They call Prey an “open space station game,” where you’ll eventually be able to move about Talos I however you like, but you have to build yourself up to that point. They also talk about how the station is structured, like how the first areas on the outer layer will be nicely decorated and look upscale, but as you get closer to the middle, as you roam deeper, you’ll start to see what the government and Transtar don’t want you to see.

Check out the video down below.

Prey comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 5.