Brainiac Finally Arrives in Latest Injustice 2 Trailer

Brainiac, the big baddie of Injustice 2, finally makes a full appearance in the latest trailer.

The Society, a collection of supervillains that formed following the fall of the Regime, has been the main focus of recent trailers. With them getting so much prominence, it’s easy to lose sight of who the real villain is. Thankfully, the latest trailer has put the focus back on the game’s main antagonist.

Brainiac has come to Earth seeking the last of the Kryptons, Superman and Supergirl. Commanding a legion of killer robots, Brainiac is poised to wipe out the planet to get what he wants. The trailer provides us our first glimpse at Brainiac’s fighting style, which involves heavy use of mechanical tentacles. It also appears that he’s capable of summoning robot soldiers to aide him in battle.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 on PS4 and Xbox One.