Everybody’s Golf (Hot Shots Golf) Dated for the West

Shortly after the release date for the New Minna no Golf was revealed a couple of days ago, SCI has announced that not only will it be coming to North America and Europe, but they already have a date in mind. That’s not the surprising bit of news, though.

The big shocker comes in the form of SCI dropping the name Hot Shots Golf in favor of Everybody’s Golf. Granted, the Hot Shots Golf brand was somewhat exclusive to North America, with Europe and Japan already using Everybody’s Golf already, but this is a good way to reboot the name and ensure it’s universally used.

This will be a somewhat budget title as it’s priced at $39.99 (or $49.99 CAD).¬†Everybody’s Golf will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 on August 29 in North America, and August 30 in Europe.