Gamestop Gives Away Digital Copies of Deformers to Rewards Members

Gamestop’s GameTrust publishing arm will be releasing Deformers on April 21 – but those wanting a digital copy can get one free of charge on PC and PS4. All you have to do is have a Gamestop power up rewards account, which is free, and sign in to the digital code portal. Once you enter your e-mail address and phone number, put in DEFORMERSGAME. Check your e-mail and you should get a Steam code for the game on PC or a PSN code for the PS4 version.┬áThe digital version is normally $30, so this is a fantastic deal and surprisingly generous of Gamestop. It is probably being done as a way to boost the game’s userbase, which is smart since ths is a completely new IP and it’s bound to be a niche game. It’s Ready at Dawn’s first game since The Order:1886 and provides players with a bit of Monkey Ball-style rolling with action mixed in.