Mighty Monster Mayhem Looks Like Rampage VR

It’s rare that I’ve seen a trailer show me something that I really want to play while the voiceover work tries its best to convince me otherwise, but Mighty Monster Mayhem for the Vive happens to fall in that category. Coming from Rank17, players are cast as one of many different available kaiju in a city that would look better in a pile on the ground. Using pedestrians to regain health while climbing buildings and wreaking havoc in first person view, this really does have the look of a virtual reality take on Midway’s classic Rampage, and is something I really want to get my claws on. Going further with the Rampage comparison, this one will also feature scoring based on destruction, complete with online leaderboards, four player multiplayer allowing for epic kaiju battles, and an overly zealous military that would prefer not to be buried in rubble, if it’s all the same.

As it has just released today, it’s too soon to speak on the actual quality of the experience. Still, I love me some Rampage and have been dying for a virtual reality title that allows for the type of destructive behavior showcased here. Rest assured: a review will be coming one way or another.