Project: Gorgon Dev Blog Details Brewing Skill, Updated Graphics

Project: Gorgon has been evolving with new classes, skills and even a recently added new dungeon ever since it opened up its Alpha for players. Today developer Citan once again took to a blog on the official forums to show off the new graphics of Serbule Keep and the often requested aforementioned brewing skill.

First up is the updated graphics which look to make the game stunningly different than the original version. Serbule is the main city in the game and it’s receiving a massive overhaul as well as the sky and terrain. In the screenshots below you’ll see a more detailed sunrise, further draw distance and higher textured foliage. Next up is the Brewing skill which should prove to be quite interesting as it’ll allow players to create their own unique versions of booze and combine them with up to four alcoholic buffs for maximum drunkiness. If you’d like to hear some of Citan’s dilemmas when creating such a system be sure to check out the full blog.

Project: Gorgon is currently in open Alpha where anyone can download the game and begin progressing without the worry of server wipe. The game will eventually be buy to play and be available to download on Steam.