Steep Goes Silly with Upcoming DLC

Love it or not, Steep was one of those titles that worked hard to capture those special moments when mechanics and graphics come together perfectly to create an experience that paid reverence to mountain sports and gaming at the same time. It wasn’t perfect, but there was some neat stuff going on. With Ubisoft’s upcoming Winterfest DLC for the skiing and snowboarding title, they have decided to get a little goofy.

Using the Alps as a venue, players will be able to participate in 21 new challenges designed to be ridiculous. Along with that comes 10 new costumes, such as a mascot banana, T. rex, or cape. Nobody can disrespect the cape. The addition that I’m interested in comes in the form of sledding. Who hasn’t ever wanted to sled down the side of the Alps on a steel runner sled at breakneck speeds? The logical answer is “people who prefer that their necks remain unbroken.” Endangering digital avatars seems to be a reasonable alternative.

Unlike the Alaska expansion, the Winterfest DLC isn’t free. While it is included for Gold Edition or season pass holders, along with the Adrenaline Pack and the upcoming Extreme Pack, folks who didn’t take that plunge can buy it on its own for $11.99. Check out the trailer below for a more kinetic look at what this expansion has to offer.