Halo Wars 2 DLC Delayed to fix Game-Breaking Bug

343 Industries have confirmed that they have opted to delay upcoming DLC for Halo Wars 2 by a week in order to fix a game-breaking bug.

A new DLC leader was supposed to release this week for Halo Wars 2. Colony, who is bringing his Lekgolo force to the battlefield, is being delayed due to a game-breaking bug. Ultimately, 343 Industries opted to delay the DLC rather than release it with these issues.

The issue in question had to do with the new Skitterer units, which attach themselves to friendly units and act as a mini-turret and healer. During testing, the team discovered a bug that would allow an attached Skitterer to continue firing at targets regardless of range or line of sight. Essentially, the team was able to send units equipped with Skitterers into an enemy base, get them to fire on the base, and then retreat across the map and automatically when the match. Obviously, this is pretty unfair and the team are working to fix the issue. It’s nice to see 343 taking the time to fix problems before rushing out content. It’s far too common for publishers to rush out full games and new content and then patch issues later.

Colony will now launch next week and add two new achievements, and bring several unique abilities to competitive multiplayer.