Making Quick Coin in Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, out this week, is already receiving high praise for a classic remaster done right. For those new to the old school OG Metroidvania, some guidance is always helpful. While the game mechanics remain simple, some of the meta-game might get lost.

For those new to Wonder Boy, it might look like a standard Metroidvania, but it does hold RPG elements. Throughout the game the player will need to acquire armor and weapons to tackle the big bad dragons. Depending on what character you’re playing as, weapons and armor have their advantages/disadvantages. This is the RPG element of Wonder Boy. Of course, these items don’t drop off mobs, instead purchasing said gear through shops found throughout the game. Which brings up coin. These items don’t come cheap and the best items are of course the most expansive.

Collecting coin in Wonder Boy can seem a bit daunting. Practically every enemy will drop coin, it’s getting bags of coin that will make Wonder Boy rich. There is one area in particular that is ideal for farming bags. Detailed below:

Windmill door.

When starting out in the hub world, immediately head to the windmill. Enter said windmill and bounce your way up to second door, proceeding through the door as necessary. Continue following the only path on the right, to the next door (not far away) until you find yourself in the desert world. Immediately go left and maintain course until reaching the pyramid. Do not enter the pyramid. Start climbing the pyramid (avoiding the dumb clouds) and make your way up-n-over, proceeding back down. Once reaching the bottom you will find a dog enemy. This is the enemy to farm.

This guy is loaded.

From here it’s a simple matter of rinse-and-repeat. Killing this specific dog enemy will almost always drop a bag of coin netting anywhere from 25 to 68 (for me at least) coin, cha-ching. This enemy hangs out by a door solo, so you won’t have to worry about getting mobbed. Entering the door and immediately exiting will respawn the enemy — making farming easy. In less than five minutes, I was able to make a 1000+ coin. This in turn will make getting some of that more expensive gear, ranging in the 3000+ range, no problem. And, that’s really it.

If anyone knows of an even better way to farm coin, please feel free to share in the comments section below. This is working out for me, though.

Source: Nintendolife