Nindie Arcade Action Game Kamiko Comes to the West on April 27

Are you a Switch owner looking for a cheap yet satisfying indie game (or nindies, as they’re known on Nintendo consoles) to play where on the go? Then you won’t have to wait that long for another one, as developers Skipmore are bringing their Switch-exclusive retro arcade action game Kamiko over to Western shores on April 27. The game was originally released last week, but for those of you who don’t want to go through the steps needed to purchase cross-regional games, you only have to wait another week before you can check it out.

Playing as one of three priestesses, you battle against hordes of demons in a 16-bit world styled around Shinto beliefs to make it to the end of each stage and take on the boss in a top-down brawl. Flyhigh Works will be publishing the game, previously having brought over another successful Switch nindie, VOEZ, and several others for the 3DS. While an English trailer has yet to be released, you can check out the original Japanese launch trailer below. Kamiko will only cost a mere five dollars at launch, so it may very well be worth taking a look at indeed.