Atlus Registers a Number of Persona 5 Themed Domains

Developer Atlus is a few week off its release of the incredibly successful Persona 5 and judging by some recent web domain trademarks it my be wanting to capitalize of the popularity of its JRPG series with a few spinoffs.

As pointed out by NeoGAF user Endless, the company has taken to acquiring a number of web domains related to a few speculative spinoffs in the Persona series.

Four domains in;,, and, are all highlighted as possibly referring to spinoffs of Persona 5. The last entry in the Persona franchise had two direct spinoffs in Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Persona 4: Arena Ultimax as well as the Vita version of the game which was officially titled Persona 4: Golden.

These three titles all seem to correlate with the developers domain purchases although anything at this point is completely circumstantial this could point to similar spinoffs in the works for Persona 5.

In our review of Persona 5 we called it simply, “a once in a generation game.”