Devs Reveal New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Details

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was just revealed last week during the Star Wars celebration. Even though it will be a while before we see new footage for the game with E3 on its way, we’re still getting nuggets of information about the game. Christian Johannesen, game designer on the project, was asked by a fan if the contents of Battlefront 2’s deluxe edition can be unlocked and answered, “can be unlocked by playing.”

The Deluxe Edition contains additional weapons and other gear, so while players who purchased the Trooper Deluxe Edition get those from the start, standard players can acquire those by obtaining special loot. This detail may have been assumed, but it’s nice to get some confirmation from Dennis Brännvall that Battlefront 2 will have dedicated servers. We also know from Mat Everett that Galactic Conquest, the turn-based strategy mode from previous Battlefront games will likely not make it into Battlefront 2.

We also have confirmation that there will be customization for classes in Battlefront 2 and battle droids will be playable. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is scheduled to release this November, but make sure to connect with us during E3 where there will likely be a ton of new information about the game.