NA LCS Third Place Match: Phoenix1 vs FlyQuest

If at the start of the split you said that Phoenix1, who fought for their LCS lives last split, would be in the third place match the very next one; you would sound just a little crazy. The same can be said if you assumed the Cloud9 Challenger roster was going to lose a member and also be in the third place match. That three players we all assumed were retired were going to come back and perform well in the LCS again.

Well neither team made it to the top, but considering where they came from in the previous splits, I’d say this is the best improvement you can ask for. This carry jungle meta is everything that Inori could ask for. When he first came into the LCS, late last split like other P1 players, he was known as the Rengar one trick and formally introduced the LCS and fans to why he’s gained that OTP status. Inori went 12-2 leading his team to a victory and that was the last time he was able to play him. This split Rengar, Kha’Zix, and Graves have sat upon the jungle thrones as the top three and he’s shown that he can compete and carry on more than just one champ. If P1 wants to win third place, he’s going to have to do so one last time against a far more veteran squad.

His counterpart in the game will be Moon, but controlling Moon will be Hai. That’s not to say that Moon can’t do anything on his own, but Hai, like always, will be calling the shots for the team. FlyQuest’s biggest strengths are┬áthat they move as a unit, and are a great team. There aren’t any Bjergsens, Impacts or Doublelifts on this team and they don’t need any.

FlyQuest win their matches through great macro regardless as to whether they are ahead or behind. You never truly have them in a corner, because the┬ámoment you move to take an objective you’re losing something. You’re constantly battling a team willing to risk it all to get back into the match.

Both teams are obviously strong or they wouldn’t have made it to this point, and while I may make Inori out to be the all-star of the team make no mistake that I’m not aware he has the best out-of-lane ADC in the LCS, an amazing mid laner in Ryu and the rock up top Zig, who has held his own against everyone. To be completely honest, along with the rookie supports Inori might be the weak link due to the fact that if he’s behind the team really struggles.

P1 is a very good team, but I can’t go against Hai. In their first series against CLG they proved that they can and will come back from a deficit. I think we’re going to get a treat of a match and it’ll go all five. Maybe we’ll even get another reverse sweep from FlyQuest.

  • Phoenix1 vs FlyQuest (3-2)