Screenshot Saturday Featuring Cuphead, Pepper Grinder, Many More

Screenshot Saturday returns! Admitted, the weekly parade of images hadn’t gone anywhere on Twitter, but this feature took a break for a while.  Every week developers use the #screenshotsaturday hashtag to show off what they’ve been up to, whether that be an amazing new feature, snippet of general gameplay, or just a little basic menu tweaking.  While all of this are impressive technically (literally, impressive from the standpoint of getting the technology functioning) this is a feature about visual flair so it needs to be a pretty amazing menu to get in.  Which has happened before, so anything’s possible.  Here’s this week’s batch culled from the hundreds of entries, and there’s plenty more where this came from if you feel like doing a little exploring of your own.

Quiet as a Stone- “A game of countryside exploration and creation” and that’s all there is. Awfully pretty, though.

Cuphead- Action-platformer meticulously animated in a 1930s style, and apparently now getting a guest appearance by Bob the Angry Flower.

Unnamed- As the tweet says, there’s not much to work with yet on this game-jam game, but the semi-ascii map looks pretty great even if a few liberties have been taken with the coastline.

Holy Shift- Tower defense where you can not only weaponize fruit but the entire environment. You are allowed exactly one “How do you like them apples” comment over the lifetime of the game.

Unnamed- Whatever it may be, it’s from the artist behind Slain and therefore will be pixely-gorgeous and badass.

Riptale- Black-and-white-and-red action platformer where you can string together brutal enemy-splattering combos while collecting gems to open up bigger and bloodier attacks. Comes out this week, too.

Winterfall- Chilly open-world sandbox RPG in a land that’s seen better days. Or at least mankind has seen better days, with the world itself doing quite fine in civilization’s decline. Winter is coming, though, and when the snow starts to fly life gets far more difficult.

Interkosmos- Fly a space capsule back to Earth in VR, with every switch and button doing… something. Odds of becoming a thin paste decorating the wall of a crater are high, but maybe piloting skill will be enough to get through the cold war shenanigans of the plot.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill- Low-poly mountain biking, all down hill as the name implies. It’s pretty and peaceful until a stray rock sends you flying off a cliff.

Nimbatus- Create and pilot drones configured however you can afford to shoot their way through a hostile and very breakable galaxy. Planets probably aren’t supposed to just melt away like that, but when you’ve got all the lasers in the world it can happen.

Howard Philip Lovecar- The spawn of Cthulhu squish nicely in a tricked out battle truck, but only for so long before the nameless horrors grow beyond the bounds of sanity and squish back.

Rabbit Story- Rabbit, Kitty, and Doggy have a complicated relationship born of disappointment, guilt, and maybe a touch of jealousy. Explore the world and untangle their relationships, and maybe find a few carrots along the way.  You can check out the playable demo of this one over here.

Pepper Grinder- Drill like a dozer! Pepper didn’t have her grappling hook in the PAX East demo that was so fantastically playable, and my hands are itching to learn its techniques.

Racing Apex- Drive like the Sega Model 1 was never replaced, now with bonus testing opportunity.

Outer Colony- How many sprites? Lots. Lots and lots of sprites.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  That’s actually a pretty good representation of how it feels to try solving a Rubik’s Cube if you haven’t already learned the tricks and patterns.