What Happened to Callie and Marie, Splatoon 2 Hints at Storyline with Weekly Posts

It’s been several months since the event of Splatoon’s last Splatfest. It was a heated match between Callie fans and Marie supporters. Now, we are receiving of what happened to the Squid Sisters afterwards.

Snippets of top secret information are being posted every week to Nintendo’s website. So far we have received an introduction and prologue. Everyone was in friendly spirits following Splatfest which means we aren’t sure something ominous has occurred. There seems to be room for a few more posts where we hopefully gets some answers. Perhaps everything we find out is the actual build to single player storyline for Splatoon 2.

Before this announcement, the only clues to any story was a lone image of Marie with her back toward us in Splatoon 2’s announcement trailer. We shall keep you posted on this as the updates continue. Until then squids, stay fresh.