X-Com Creator’s New Game, Phoenix Point has a New Fig Campaign and Video

X-Com creator Julian Gollop had teased about his next project, Phoenix Point last year via an almost intentionally vague tweet, including only the title and “turn based tactical combat” and the game’s website, leaving fans curious and excited. Lo and behold, Phoenix Point has emerged with a funding campaign on Fig and a $500,000 funding goal.

Phoenix Point is an interesting spin on tactical combat, and features a whole new story. At the start of the game, players assume control of a cell within the Phoenix Project, a worldwide organization that acts as a last line of defense when the world is threatened. The cell becomes active, and you are left with soldiers, scientists, engineers – but you can’t contact any of the other Phoenix Project cells, leaving players to discover what’s happened to the other cells that should have gone active.

Aliens won’t be your only worry, expect some resistance from your fellow man.

The focal point of the campaign revolves around the emergence of the Pandoravirus, which emerged from permafrost on earth, and it begins mutating in the seas – and eventually spreading to land and infecting people. The Pandoravirus is by no means to be taken lightly, it can mutate living forms and take in DNA from numerous species, even going as far as cloning them. The alien Pandoravirus threat has left the human population in tatters, with a curious part of the game being pointed out – most of what’s left of mankind has broken into factions, some of which have “radically contrasting ideologies and guard deep secrets.”

The game itself features a wide array of different enemies, missions, and environments. Similar to X-Com, players will take on missions, some of which will focus on the alien confrontations, assisting other factions, or trying to discover what has happened to the Phoenix organization. With the many types of enemies, there will be a new mission type that includes boss enemies, and from the footage shown off so far, these enemies are not only more terrifying than anything in X-Com, but tougher, and will more than likely kill some of your squad.

Bosses in Phoenix Point pack a punch, and won’t be alone. Preparation will be key, as well as loading old saves if you experience a squad wipe.

Phoenix Point has about as much customization as the X-Com series, if not more, as the variety of missions will expose players to abandoned military bases, alien bases, and other areas where weapons can be designed, upgraded and changed depending on what research is available.

Researching and upgrading your squad members to go against aliens won’t be new for X-Com players, asides the fact that these enemies are terrifying.

Currently Project Phoenix has reached over $220,000, with forty-three days left to go on their goal. With the success and following of the X-Com series it would be no surprise to see them surpass the goal within that time frame. The team has been working on Phoenix Point for a year, and are aiming to release the game in 2018 for PC with no word on consoles. All the funds from Fig will go towards the game – there’s no release date yet, but keep an eye out on the website for any updates.