Check Out the Unboxing of Xbox’s Recon Tech Special Edition Controller

Gamers in need of a new way to play can check out the latest controller released from Microsoft. The Recon Tech Special Edition controller is the first from their Tech lineup.

It features a dark grey military style design with gold etchings along the surface. Ultimate precision is the reason for picking this one up as there are quick access triggers and bumpers, rubberized grip and responsive thumbsticks. You can plug in headphones or a headset directly into the controller. You also get better range compared to other controllers allowing you to play almost anywhere. There is also Bluetooth functionality built-in to play with your Xbox One, Xbox One S, Windows 10 PC or Windows tablet. The starting price on this controller is $69.99 and is available to purchase now.

Take a look at the unboxing video below for more details. You can even view the controller from all angles and place your order directly from the Xbox website.