EarthFall Enters Early Access Today

EarthFall is officially available for download via Steam’s Early Access program. It’ll run you $29.99 to get your hands on the early version of the game.

Inspired by four-player games like Left For Dead, EarthFall has you teaming up to use tactics and strategy to your advantage to win the day. Instead of zombies, though, EarthFall has you taking on aliens. Savage looking aliens with animal-like features and lots of teeth.

In honor of its Early Access release, developer Holospark released a launch trailer, which you can watch below.

In EarthFall, you and three friends (or AI friends) team up to take on the alien threat. You’ll be able to build defenses, print weapons (EarthFall is set in 2032), and customize your loadout as you carry on through multiple campaigns where you’ll travel through the coastal Northwest of America. For more on the game, check out Holospark’s YouTube.

EarthFall will eventually come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.