Battlefield 1 Spring Update Introduces Platoons and Four New Guns

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced the Spring Update for Battlefield 1. The biggest part of the update involves the introduction of Platoons. Much like a clan, Platoons will have designated members. The General will have access to everything involving the make-up of the Platoon, while the Colonel will have most of the same tools available to the General including the ability to edit the description and emblem. Lieutenants can accept or deny applications for the Platoon. Finally, Privates are the rank of all new Platoon members. Squads that contain members from the same Platoon will be renamed to its name.

This update also introduces four new gun variants, one for each class. These will be the Hellriegel 1915 Defensive, Selbstlader 1906 Sniper, Huot Automatic Optical, and the Martini Henry Sniper. Other enhancements include 19 new ribbons, five more dog tags, and the ability for medics to spot dead players to let them know they are on the way for revival. You can check out the full release notes here.