Could We Now Be Looking At Wii U’s Official Lifetime Sales?

Nintendo have been one of many video game companies to release the financial results of their last fiscal year ending March 2017 today and while the Wii U is, technically, still selling units, with the news that the console has now ceased production, could their latest figures now signal the hardware’s official life-time sales? The company report that sales of their previous console during this period stood at roughly 760,000 units — a 77% decrease from the previous financial year — which if true would mean the Wii U has now sold an estimate of 13.5 million units.

Give or take a few tens of thousands to add to that figure, it’s safe to say that we are now looking at the Wii U’s total life-time sales, officially making the Wii U Nintendo’s lowest-selling console in the company’s history. A stark contrast to the Wii which sold through in excess of 101 million units and nearly half of the GameCube’s estimated Worldwide sales of 22 million consoles. Whether Nintendo’s current system, the Switch, will do any better we’ll have to see but from the latest figures, which the company itself has now officially confirmed as total Worldwide sales up to March 31 of this year, at 2.74 million units — a slight increase from the previous recording of 2.4 million units reported¬†earlier this month.