For Honor’s Second Season coming in May with New Content

The second faction season for Ubisoft’s For Honor, called Shadow and Might, will be available on May 16, and has two new heroes along with two new maps, customization items and a few game play updates.

The shinobi, samurai assassins will have speed, but with hardly any armor, players will have to make smart choices when tackling harder hitting opponents.

The heroes include the shinobi, a samurai assassin and utilize the Japanese Kusarigama, and the other hero is a knight hybrid called the centurion, using just a gladius, they have a shorter range, but make up for it with technique against enemies.

The centurion has no shield – just heavy armor. Players with longer reach will have an advantage.

The new maps, forge and temple garden, give players some new battlefields, with new gear – epic gear – increasing maximum gear score and balancing some stats. As season one will come to an end, Ubisoft is releasing update 1.06 for PC, improving stability, and will release on consoles soon after.