Friendly Reminder That DariusBurst Goes on Sale Friday Morning and Evening

Tomorrow is going to be a madhouse for Limited Run Games.  DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviours goes on sale with Nova-111, and while the latter is a great little puzzle-shooter the former game is easily the most anticipated title LRG has released to date.  DariusBurst is a big fan-favorite, and while even the base game is a full $60 that won’t be an issue in regards to the demand.  Both the regular edition and the $100 deluxe seem likely to have a sales lifespan measured in minutes, so if you want it then it’s best to be there at 10AM EST sharp ready to pull the trigger.

However, and this is important, there’s also a 6PM EST release that follows after and for reasons unknown it tends to be much more sedate.  People tend to forget the second wave exists, to the point where LRG heavily weight the stock to the 10AM release, but if you miss one round there’s a second chance later in the day to take advantage of.  It’s probably going to be a lightning-fast sellout as well, but with a little luck it will be a slower lightning-fast sellout giving people a little better chance to enter their information in before the game is gone.  With 2,000 deluxe editions and 2,800 regular, DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviours is going to be one of the more collectible games in the LRG library, even with a strictly-enforced “one per customer” limit.

As for why so few, this is LRG’s first release at this price-point so it was ordered conservatively to avoid leftover stock.  Also, DariusBurst is PS4-only at the moment but there’s plans to have the Vita version later, if things work out right.