Gundam Versus is Officially Coming West

Gundam fans rejoice, the time of truth has finally come! Gundam fans on the Western side, sitting in Europe and the Americas, can finally get their hands on a non-portable, full-featured Gundam Versus game! Using a repertoire of over ninety different playable mobile suits from the extensive Mobile Suit Gundam anime, manga, toy, and merchandise canon, the competitive multiplayer game Gundam Versus is the latest entry in a series of arcade-friendly cooperative fighters that feature giant robots from the Gundam franchise, exclusively. That said, it’s not necessary to be a big Gundam or super robot mecha fan at all to enjoy a Gundam Versus game. All it takes is an affinity for a burning competitive spirit and a fondness for laser beams and explosions.

Get back in the fight with this announcement trailer below. Gundam Versus is due in the West sometime this Fall for PlayStation 4.