Nioh to Receive ‘Dragon of the North’ DLC Next Week

Nioh is bringing even more historic DLC to an already wonderfully saturated story. Dragon of the North will release on May 2 for all platforms Nioh can be found on.

Following William after his heroic victory in bringing peace to Japan, Dragon of the North will continue to portray the historic and mythological aspects of Japan. Focusing specifically on Lord Masamune Date who ruled during the Sendai feudal domain during the Keicho Era (400 years ago). Outlined below is a better summary of this man than I can give.

“Masamune is a well-known historical figure who is both brilliant and ruthless. Although he was an exceptional leader; his ambition and lust for power blinded him to all else. He was known for being an impulsive leader who was wildly arrogant of his abilities — believing he was superior to most men, yet at the same time greatly devoted to the his land and subjects.”

If that doesn’t sound like the makings of an interesting boss, then I don’t know what does. Dragon of the North will take place in Oshu region where Masamune or “One-Eyed Dragon”, as he is known, awaits.

Dragon of the North will also host a slew of new Yokai and enemies ready to put a blade through William over-and-over again. Of course, William won’t be underprepared, with new Guardian Spirits, armor, ninja skills, magic and brand new weapon the Odachi at his disposal. The final bit of news is Nioh will finally be introducing long awaited PvP — requiring a PS Plus subscription.

Now is the perfect time to pick up Nioh if it’s been in the backlog or if wanting to return to a Japan that William thought he left peaceful. Dragon of the North seems well worth all the content.