Strafe to Get Three Collector’s Editions, Plus a Pre-Order Bonus

So, are you prepared for Pixel Titans’ bleeding-edge ultra-violent retro-styled FPS Strafe when it comes out in just over a week? Maybe, you arguably weren’t prepared for a sudden onslaught of Collector’s Editions! Strafe will indeed have three different physical editions: One for the PS4 owners, one for the audiophiles complete with a vinyl edition of the soundtrack and custom artwork (in special and regular editions), and for the hardcore ’90s fans, a throwback edition complete with feelies such as floppy disks and pogs. Yes, Strafe pogs. You check out pics of the editions below, and pre-order them at Devolver’s official site for the game.

But that’s not all! For those who pre-order any of these Collector’s Editions, or just pre-order the game through Steam, you get the special VV-1N weapon, which you can check out in the video clip below. The full effect of the blast isn’t shown, but the name alone suggests what you may expect from a pre-order weapon or a parody of them such as this. Strafe comes out on May 9, so if you want to grab any of these goodies, best to act soon.