First DLC Pack for Breath of the Wild Includes New Armor, Challenges and More

The first of two DLC packs for Breath of the Wild has finally been revealed, which gives details on what exactly those who purchased it can look forward to experiencing. This first pack was originally listed to include a cave of trials, hard mode and a new map feature but it seems that’s not all as there are a handful of new treasures to be found as well. Hard mode will level up regular enemies by one rank and give them constantly regenerating health, meaning there’s no time to slack off when on the attack. The trial of the sword is a new challenge that will start Link off with no equipment as he tries to fight through around 45 challenging waves of enemies using everything at his disposal, but as a reward will unlock the true power of the Master Sword.

Players will be able to use the Hero’s Path map feature to show them the exact route Link has taken in up to the last 200 hours of gameplay in case they want to see where he still needs to explore. A new item called the Travel Medallion will also be available in a hidden treasure chest somewhere in the world. Using this medallion will allow Link to set his current location as a fast travel point, so he can easily warp back at any time. Only one point can be set at a time though, so it might be best to leave in one of those hard to reach places.

Finally, there are a variety of new armor pieces for Link to collect including Midna’s helmet, Tingle’s outfit, Majora’s mask and even Phantom armor. Link can also get a special Korok mask that will shake whenever he is near one of the 900 Korok seeds to help those trying to hunt every last one down.

The first DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available this summer. For more information you can check out Nintendo’s official reveal right here and check out some pictures below of what’s included!