First Person Adventure Empathy: Path of Whispers Launching This Month

Amidst our coverage of GDC earlier this year, we managed to get a brief hands-on with developer Pixel Night’s upcoming first-person adventure game, under the [then] title of Empathy. Set in a surreal void of conflicting yet connected environments, the player must uncover faint traces of memories from individuals associated with said environments — subsequently taking on that person’s psyche as a result — in order to work out not just what the heck has happened, but subdue an impending apocalypse alongside.

Now publisher Iceberg Interactive has confirmed that the game — to give it its full name, Empathy: Path of Whispers — will be available May 16 on PC (via Steam). “We can’t wait for players to experience the intriguing world of Empathy, which we’ve been crafting for the past few years,” Anton Pustovoyt, lead developer at Pixel Night, explains. “It’s an accomplishment we’re extremely proud of, and we hope players enjoy the unique experience they’re about to embark on.” A new 4K trailer has also been released which you can view below.