Piranha Bytes’ New ELEX Gameplay Trailer

Piranha Bytes’ has released a new game play trailer for their upcoming sci-fi fantasy action RPG ELEX. The trailer features one of the games main factions – the berserkers, which are taking ELEX, the world’s energy resource and not only using it to grow crops, but to wield magic as well. Don’t let the name berserker fool you – this faction is just as much about hurling lightning bolts and fireballs as it is charging head first into an enemy with a pair of axes and cutting them to pieces.

ELEX is set in a post-apocalyptic universe in an open-world setting on the planet Magalan, where players will have the choice of siding with certain factions over others, which will in turn affect the experiences the player will have. Depending on choices, players might have certain factions labeling them as an enemy. After the world had been hit by a meteor, the game starts up after the world had broken into various factions, all fighting for a new energy resource which emerged called ELEX. The game will start off with the player recovering from a crash landing via a glider get, and starts withdrawing from ELEX (yes, you can get addicted to the stuff if you overuse it), and in the process will need to begin working on rebuilding his identity.

The game’s post-apocalyptic setting opens up a wide range of combat options, as this is a futuristic setting, so there will not only be guns, but melee weapons as well. Combined with magic, this can lead players on a wide selection of ways on how they want to approach combat, as one of the main methods of transportation is using a jet pack. Yes, players will have access to a jet pack that they can use not only to get around, but to engage enemies with. If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it was like to be Boba Fett, there might not be any better chance than now.

Piranha Bytes expects the game to launch in Quarter 3 this year, and is set to release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.