Grumpy Warbot Rampages to Greenlight in Botlike

Old soldiers never die, and that’s especially true of old robot soldiers.  Fading away is more of a problem for a human than a bot, even if newer and fancier tech makes the old models outdated.  S.I.R. was grumbling away in Rust Town, reminiscing about the good old days of the robot uprising and the joy of wiping the squishy human meatsacks from the face of the planet, back when he was useful and times were good.  Then the League of Super Intelligent Robots wiped out Rust Town as a side-effect of creating a new orbital platform and shook S.I.R. out of his retirement, and if robots don’t make the same pretty blood-fountains that humans do they’ve got the advantage of dropping usable loot.  S.I.R. is going back to war in a side-scrolling randomized semi-platforming action-fest, and you can tell he’s serious because nothing that wears an epic top hat can ever entertain the prospect of defeat.

Botlike landed on the still-functioning remains of Greenlight the other day and is looking like a fast and bullet-filled roguelike side-scrolling shooter.  S.I.R. is a robot with a good amount of platforming moves, and between his mobility and heavy firepower might just stand a small chance to get his revenge on the society that viewed his home town as expendable.  The trailer below shows off the action, although maybe turning on a few lights in the darker areas might help the presentation.  There’s bullets enough for everyone and insane weapons to build from scavenged parts, and while death is all but certain it beats rusting away, forgotten and obsolete.

Botlike is on Greenlight now looking for love, attention, and the crafting elements to make a really insane gun.