Monstrous and Trippy Puzzle Game GNOG Now Available on PS4

Have you ever wanted to play a game about exploring tiny worlds located inside of colorful giant toy monster heads, like if Mighty Max were somehow turned into a puzzle game? Who hasn’t? And that’s why Double Fine and developers KOOP have now released GNOG for the PS4, allowing you to delve into a multitude of craniums in order to explore each one and experiment with what’s inside.

The goal is to simply pull, poke, and prod various objects in order to solve environmental puzzles, flipping between various views of each head. The game also comes with PSVR support, should you want to get a more immersive experience that really feels like tinkering with the playsets of your youth. GNOG is now available for the PS4 (with a launch trailer that you can check out below), with versions for Steam and iOS to follow in the future.