Tekken 7 and New Japan Pro Wrestling Crossover Shirts Now Available

The world of pro wrestling and video games has been a perfect fit for decades now. Fighting game franchises have commonly had pro wrestling-themed characters, but Tekken 7 is the first fighting game with an actual pro wrestling license attached to it. New Japan Pro Wrestling, with its stars seen currently on AXS TV and for decades in North America on WCW, TNA, and occasionally WWE television has seen an upswing in popularity across the globe over the past few years – and Bandai Namco took note. New Japan’s popular Bullet Club stable has transcended pro wrestling to some degree, and will be featured in Tekken 7 as a costume, while the modern-day ace of the company Kazuchika Okada’s signature Rainmaker pose and finishing move will be given to King. The crossover has led to New Japan actually giving Okada King-inspired gear, and King will also have some Okada-inspired stuff as well.

Merchandise is now being sold on Pro Wrestling Tees featuring Tekken. A Tekken-inspired Bullet Club shirt is available alongside an Okada x King crossover shirt. The Bullet Club shirt is $31, while the Okada shirt is $35. The increase in prices from the usual $25 or so PWTees usually charges is likely due to the Tekken license, but fans of both pro wrestling and Tekken can rest easy because the build quality on the shirts is outstanding. The Bullet Club one in particular looks incredible, with Heihachi’s signature beard and hair working perfectly with the regular Bullet Club skull design and the sleeve designs look great. It’s an expensive shirt, but one that’s a nice birthday gift for a wrestling and Tekken fan in your life. Tekken 7 will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and for the first time ever, on Windows PC on June 2.