First Details About Need for Speed 2017 Surface, Playable at EA Play 2017

Ghost Games have released the first details about their next Need for Speed game.

Need for Speed will officially return in 2017 after skipping 2016. While the 2015 reboot wasn’t a terrible game, it still wasn’t the experience that racing fans were hoping for. The world was big, but felt empty. The experience could be taken online, but it couldn’t be played offline. Customization looked expansive on paper, but ended up feeling limited. Well, Ghost Games have taken all your feedback, and is ready to craft the ultimate Need for Speed experience.

Taking to their website, Ghost Games have offered up the first details about Need for Speed 2017. First off, customization is something the studio loves, and they’re committed to bringing it back in a big way. Being able to customize your car will play a strong role in the 2017 game. So will cops, which will provide satisfying chases.

Ghost Games is also working hard to improve the world. Based on the image provided, the game looks like it’s going to put players in a very different type of city. Ghost Games also mentions canyons, which means we might be heading out west. Also, it looks like the game won’t take place exclusively at night anymore, but at different times of the day.

Finally, the developer is doing away with one of the biggest complaints about the previous title, always-online. It was the most loathed feature of Need for Speed 2015, and it’s gone. When Need for Speed 2017 launches, players will be able to enjoy the game offline.

Need for Speed 2017 will be fully revealed at EA Play 2017 where, as previously announced, it will be playable.