Splatoon 2 Strategy Guide Available for Pre-order

Every game, especially shooters, has some sort of strategy to it. That still holds true for Nintendo’s upcoming Splatoon 2 which is why they’ve teamed with Prima Games to release an official guide for players.

In it you can find a detailed walkthrough for single player mode (something we still haven’t seen yet) to solve puzzles and beat bosses. Detailed maps are included which reveal various secrets. Get the edge up on opponents with strategies and tips. A look at different clothing options to always stay fresh in battle. Techniques are also revealed on how to use some of the weapons.

The guide even comes with a code for web version which comes in handy for second-screen features. Pre-order the book now from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Check it out below, the cover image is not final but still pretty cool. It will become available to own on the same day as the game, July 21.