Tokyo 42 Set For a May 31 Release

Ever since its initial reveal last year, Tokyo 42 has presented itself as quite the intriguing indie game to keep on one’s radar, thanks to its colorful isometric visuals showcasing a futuristic Tokyo and its promise of an open world action game mixing together both the original Syndicate and Grand Theft Auto games. And later this month we’ll get to see if that mixture truly translates to a successful game, as a release date of May 31 was just announced for it.

Accompanying this announcement is a new trailer that, appropriately enough, attempts to sum up the overall appeal of the gameplay with exactly 4.2 seconds of in-game footage. So we only get a quick glimpse of SMAC Games’ sci-fi assassination romp, but one that still shows a lot of promise. And we’ll see just how the full game handles when it comes out on May 31 for PC and Xbox One, with a PS4 release to follow in mid-July.