Square Enix Remain Positive With Reported Increase in Sales, Profit

It’s certainly been a mixed bag today, so far as good and not-so-good news pertaining to Square Enix. While the announcement that the company would, it seems, be cutting ties with IO Interactive — the studio behind last year’s acclaimed episodically-released Hitman — was certainly a surprise, that hasn’t changed the fact that the last financial year has still delivered some positive results. According to the company’s latest financial report, net profits up to March 31 of this year were up more than 20% with Square Enix generating more than $2.2 billion in net sales.

A significant amount of the sales of “digital entertainment” was, the company states, down to major titles such as Final Fantasy XV, the PS4 iteration of Rise of the Tomb Raider, as well as previously released “catalog titles” being made available for download. In terms of MMO’s, Final Fantasy XIV notably, Square Enix say that while revenue from these titles showed “steady performance”, overall net sales dropped slightly compared to the previous year due to, the company claim, the lack of expansion disk releases for such titles. Finally, overall sales from mobile devices and PC platforms especially saw an increase over the past twelve months.