Tabletop-like RPG Rezrog Releasing End of This Month

No doubt one of the more unique titles we uncovered during our time at GDC earlier this year — so far as aesthetic and presentation goes — was the Tabletop-inspired RPG by the name of Rezrog. Similar to the current crop of card-focused RPG’s, Rezrog — developed by Soaphog Game Studio — is as much a homage as it is a celebration of a more traditional form of turn-based RPG with its 2D, paper-craft heroes, procedurally-generated dungeons that look as if they’ve been painstakingly put together block by literal block and its all-round perilous uncertainty on what may lie in the player’s wake as they tackle the game’s assortment of one hundred dungeons.

And alongside the start of a series of survival guides that aims to explore the game’s unique party system and permadeath mechanic, which you can view below, Kasedo Games have confirmed that the game will soon be made available for PC — releasing at this month’s end, May 31. If you want to know more about this upcoming and rather charming little RPG title, you can read up on our preview of the game here.