The Long Journey Home Dated, Trailer Released

During a test flight to Alpha Centauri, disaster strikes. The jump drive that was supposed to ensure a speedy return breaks down like an old Datsun that missed a few too many oil changes, and the four person crew is trapped far from Earth with no real way to return. The only option left is to truck it the slow way. As a story, it’s like Lost in Space or Voyager mixed with The Martian, without Janeway’s Bun of Steel or Watney’s pooptatoes (lack of pooptatoes not confirmed). As the basis for an RPG, it’s incredibly intriguing. It’s a good thing that Daedalic Studio West ran with it, because that is also exactly how one would describe their upcoming The Long Journey Home.

Releasing May 30, players will be tasked with getting the crew home through a procedurally generated universe, making friends or enemies of various alien races, completing quests and tasks, all while trying to get closer and closer to Terra. Based on the trailer, seen below, it appears to take some elements of No Man’s Sky and Star Control to create a new blend of RPG goodness. As it is a title that will be hitting rather soon, it won’t be long until players all over will be able to explore the stars, however unwilling the crew happens to be.