Demon’s Crystals Brings More Twin-Stick Thrills to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Demon’s Crystals has been available on PC for slightly more than a year on Steam. Today, Badland games and Byte4games have released this twin-stick shooter on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s digital storefronts. The game features eight different modes and allows you to attack enemies skeletons and ghouls before battling giant bosses at the end of each stage. You can equip dozens of weapons, including a rocket launcher, to inflict massive damage quickly.

Power-ups also enable things like bullet time to allow you to get a quick advantage. Traps in the game world force you to stay on your toes and avoid needless damage. Demon’s Crystals is available on the Xbox One, where it sits alongside games like the Geometry Wars series or the PlayStation 4, with its Super Stardust games giving platform owners twin-stick thrills. All digital marketplaces have the game for only $4.99 – making it an incredibly affordable way to enjoy a new game on a budget.